atelier Haarlem

atelier Haarlem

Haarlem based artist, illustrator (algemene voorwaarden)

Very briefly:
Draws portraits, women, loves to do live-drawing and is fascinated by faces all around the world.
Went to artschool in the 90’s. I work with Reiki energy (I&II) and I love to play with faces and make up.
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Wonend in Haarlem, artist, illustrator
Heel kort gezegd:
tekent portretten, vrouwen, sneltekenaar (geen karikatuur)
Opleiding: kunstacademie (D’Bosch/Tilburg).
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ik heb (nog) geen SHOP maar ik verkoop WEL al mijn ORGINELE werk! Check de HOME pagina (op ipad of computer)
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No SHOP yet, but I do sell all my ORIGINALS: check the HOME page and mail me if you’re interested

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